Hardwood Floors in a Kitchen

Almost everyone loves hardwood floors. They look fantastic. Many people put them in most of the living space of their homes. Usually they exclude the bathrooms but not the kitchen.

Why skip the bathroom… it’s always wet. It’s hard to avoid getting the floor wet when you get our of the shower. The added water would quickly ruin a hardwood floor. It will warp and ripple, looks bad and gets sharp edges.

Usually the kitchen is a much dryer place. Most fell be safe to go with hardwood flooring.

This is the thought process many use when considering flooring for their basement kitchen. Yes, most of the time the kitchen is dryer than a bathroom but accidents do happen. The most common water accident in kitchens is a sink that overflows. Twice in the last 6 months this has happened in basements we have finished years ago. The kids were playing downstairs and somehow the sink drain gets blocked, water runs, overflows and keeps overflowing. It doesn’t take a lot of water to ruin hardwood.

A Great Alternative

Recently tile makers have begun offering tile that looks a lot like hardwood flooring. More and more styles keep coming out. We love these products. You can get the look of hardwood in a kitchen or other wet area (like a home entry) without the drawbacks of hardwood. Another benefit is that tile is cheaper than hardwood and is nearly maintenance free. If you’re considering hardwood in a kitchen this is a product to consider.

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