Utah’s Construction Boom

Over the last 6 months Utah construction starts have increased dramatically. New home sales are strong and the basement remodeling business is very strong. The net result is that everyone is busy.

Over the years we have developed good relationships with our subcontractors so we are able to keep to our schedules. Like most contractors our biggest delays recently, have come from our supply houses. Last year we would order doors and have them within 5 days. Now it can take three weeks or longer. Other supply houses are experiencing similar delays.

For us this means we need to order earlier in the process. Many choices regarding doors, finish material, tile… etc. we have to have in the first week. It used to be that we could delay some of these decisions for a few weeks but now that would put us way behind on your basement finish.

So please have patience with us when we start asking you to make decisions early. For us to remain on schedule it’s vital for us to get all of the components for your basement ordered as early as possible.