Should You Use a General Contractor?

Why Use a General Contractor?

I know, it’s generally cheaper to hire an unlicensed person to do your basement. Why would you pay slightly more for the same work?

Great question, here are 4 clear reasons it makes sense:

  1. Asset protection: Suppose your unlicensed basement finisher hurts himself during construction. Is he insured? Does he have worker’s compensation insurance? If not, guess who is 100% responsible? What if the uninsured damages your house? Who will pay for the repairs? Without liability insurance from  a licensed contractor, you, not your home owners insurance, are completely liable for the repair costs.
  2. Safety: As a general contractor we are required to use licensed electricians to wire your house. Do you really want the fire and electrocution risk of using an unlicensed person?
  3. Permits: We know there is a slight expense to get a permit but the benefits far out-weight the marginal costs. With a permit you know that the project is done to code. That you and your family are safe, because every aspect of the project was inspected by an impartial expert from the city.
  4. Equity:  With a permit you’re able to claim all of the square feet when you’re ready to resale your house. What a wonderful way to add over a $100 a square foot for the finished space of your basement to the overall cost of your home.

Using a general contractor makes sense. It’s the law and for a slight investment now you gain so much going forward.