Building Permits

Do you really need a building permit for a Basement Finish?

The cost is nominal. It’s required by local governments. They’re easy to obtain. They protect you and your family because all work is inspected. You don’t have to lie or make major repairs when you sell your home.

Building permits are good for you and easy to obtain… why would a contractor suggest you avoid getting a building permit?

Generally there are two reasons:

  1. They are not licensed. Many “contractors” work illegally without proper training and insurance. This will lower the initial cost for services. If there is a problem, you the home owner, are 100% liable for damages, injuries, property lose, etc.
  2. They do not want their work inspected. Inspections mean you have to build to code. Use safe materials. Have trained installers do the work. Often, unlicensed contractors do not follow building codes. This puts you and your family at risk. The problem will have to be fixed before you sell your home. This is a dangerous and shortsighted way for unlicensed contractors to make more money on your basement finish.
Protect yourself and make sure that your contractor is a licensed and insured professional. It may cost a little more but, you and your family, will be protected and you will get a quality basement finish.

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